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About us

Our goal is to match you with the best nanny for you and your children.

Almost twenty years of asking all the right questions has given us the experience and intuition to know exactly what makes the most successful nanny/family relationships. It’s why our matchmaking process focuses on the things that make your home really tick. And it’s why we look beyond the CVs and job descriptions to find a natural fit based on personality and values.

Time after time, we initiate happy working relationships that develop into lifelong friendships.


We know because we’ve been there. 

Back in 2002, our founders came from New Zealand to work as wide-eyed, enthusiastic young nannies. Being part of a London family gave them so many valuable life experiences and friendships, helping others make that same journey seemed like a natural progression. And so KiwiOz Nannies was born – an agency that firmly believes in taking great care of the nanny so they can take great care of your children.

As parents too, we understand just how emotional it is to entrust our precious, tiny humans in to the hands of another. Seeing the nanny/family relationship from both perspectives is just one of the things that makes KiwiOz London’s premium go-to nanny matchmaking service.