What is the difference between a nanny and an au pair?

Au Pairs typically and historically come from abroad for a cultural experience and to improve their English. They help with childcare for school aged children and do housework in exchange for room, board, a small allowance and English lessons. An Au Pair contract is 6 months and the focus for the candidate is on an immersive, cultural, family experience.

At KiwiOz, we don’t work with Au Pairs, but if you are looking for the KiwiOz equivalent, we recommend a Junior Nanny. They have a higher level of experience and speak English as a first language.

What is a Junior Nanny or Mother’s Help?

KiwiOz Junior Nannies are usually confident applicants looking for a minimum of 12 months work. They probably won’t have a professional nanny qualification, but will have some childcare experience, either as a regular babysitter, nurse, teacher or nursery support. Our Junior Nannies provide a good child care solution for families with slightly smaller childcare budgets, or reduced needs. And with the right support, they can learn professional nanny skills.

Speak to your consultant about how we can help.

What is the difference between experienced and Junior Nannies?

Our more experienced nannies come with childcare experience and are likely to have a childcare qualification. They’ll be ready to step right into the role with a focus on the educational, social and emotional development of your children.

If you’re considering hiring a Junior Nanny/ Mother's Help, we recommend you spend time showing them how you like things done, and sharing everything they need to know about looking after your children. We recommend you do a thorough induction with any nanny you employ.

Are all your Nannies Kiwi or Australian?

The majority of our nannies are from New Zealand or Australia, but not all. As most families are looking for native or fluent English speakers, we also represent nannies from the UK, Canada, USA and South Africa. Our focus is finding nannies who have the KiwiOz attitude and approach to raising children. Find out what we mean by a KiwiOz attitude here.

What can you expect from a KiwiOz Nanny?

When our families employ a KiwiOz nanny, they know they’re getting someone with a can-do attitude, bags of energy, someone who can’t wait to jump in and become a pivotal part of the family. Our nannies are confident and motivated, bringing with them a genuine energy for life.

Why do we look for those qualities? A KiwiOz Nanny believes every child deserves lots of opportunities to play, explore and learn about the world around them. They’ll want to make a positive difference by supporting your child’s development and setting their internal compass.

Find out more about what all KiwiOz Nannies have in common here.

Why should I choose KiwiOz over another nanny agency?

We make it a priority to support every nanny working for a KiwiOz family. We know from experience that a happy nanny makes for a happy family.

We’ll find you the nanny you need at just the right time. Baby, toddler, tween or teen – we’re by your side at every stage of the parenting journey.

When you work with us, you’ll find a small, personal team that understands what makes a brilliant match between nanny and family.

Our service is 100% personal. When it comes to childcare, there’s no room for pushy salespeople.

We want to help you by only offering sound advice and the benefit of our experience, which is why we have bundled together our collective knowledge, into a series of useful tools and guides for all stages of the journey with your KiwiOz Nanny.

We also know choosing a nanny, finding someone to care for children, can be daunting and emotional. No matter what your question or concern, we’re on hand to give support and guidance every step of the way.

To see what other parents think about our service, take a look at What They Say.

How long does it usually take to find the right nanny?

3 - 6 weeks is realistic. Though other factors can affect that timeline – time of year, availability to interview, contract negotiations and notice period are just a few.

If you need urgent help, we have a selection of high calibre Temporary Nannies who can step in while you work through the process. It’s worth taking time now to avoid issues later. Our registration process helps you work through every step.

If you’ve signed up to find a Junior Nanny, allow 6 – 8 weeks as most candidates need to apply for a visa before leaving their home country.

Do you only work with London based families?

For the most part, yes. We do occasionally work with families in the home counties surrounding London, and we do make international placements. Whatever your requirements, we do our best to help.

How do I pay my nanny?

Most of our families work directly with their own accountant or work with a PAYE service. Our consultants will introduce you to our recommended PAYE service if you need it.

Are all KiwiOz nannies already living in the UK?

Some are already in the UK on a 2 or 5 year working visa; some are waiting to secure a role before they book flights to come to the UK.

What are a nanny’s typical working hours?

Check out our Types of Nannies page for more details, but here’s a guide to typical minimum hours and rates:

Live out/Daily Nanny 10 – 50hrs per week/ £13+ gross per hour

Family Assistant/Before & After School Nanny 35 – 50hrs per week / £500gross per week

Live In Nanny Up to 55 hours /£450+ gross per week

Junior Nanny / Mother’s Help up to 45 hours / £250+ gross per week

The maximum we’d recommend is 60 hours per week.

Who provides the contract for the nanny to sign?

We’ll provide you with a sample contract, from our PAYE Payroll Partner, for you to input the terms of employment agreed at the point of offer. We’ll supply both you and the nanny with a copy. Remember that since we don’t employ the nanny, the final agreement is between you and your nanny. This means we don't have to keep a signed copy of the final contract, but it can be help for us to have as a point of reference.

Download example contract >

Does KiwiOz choose my nanny for me?

No. We offer you a selection of pre-screened candidates that best fit your criteria. We will arrange the interviews and help you prepare, but the final decision is yours alone.

Once you offer a permanent position, our recruitment fee is payable. This is non-refundable, so it’s important you make the right decision.

We offer a 6 month replacement period, where we will replace your nanny if the placement doesn’t work out. Check out our How it Works page for more details.

Will you find us a replacement if things don't work out?

Our matching service is carefully honed to find the most suitable candidates. We encourage you to interview thoroughly and take longer over second interviews before making an offer.

You need to be certain about the person you are hiring, and know that you’ll be able to work together to resolve any issues. We’re on hand to lend support to you and your nanny. We do offer a 3-4 month replacement guarantee* so that if the unexpected happens, we’ll restart the process and find you a replacement free of charge.

Find out more on our Replacement Process page. *NB we don’t refund the original placement fee.

What is the KiwiOz screening and referencing process?

We take screening and referencing very seriously. We schedule an initial phone conversation with every candidate to understand:-

  • Why they want to become a nanny in London
  • What they love about caring for children
  • The qualities they believe make them a great nanny
  • How long they want to commit to a role

Only candidates who pass the initial phone screening will progress to a more detailed face-to-face registration interview. Applicants are carefully evaluated on their communication skills, professionalism, character and conduct. We verify all references, certificates and police checks ensuring they have up to date paediatric first aid.

We expect all KiwiOz Nannies to attend our Nanny Workshop. This prepares them for interviews, helps them get ready to work with a family and kick starts their connection to the KiwiOz community.

What are my responsibilities as an employer?

When you hire a nanny, you are required to

  • register with HMRC
  • pay your nanny’s tax, NI contributions and employers NI
  • offer a pension
  • have employer’s liability insurance

We recommend a PAYE service who can complete the required paperwork on your behalf.

Establishing a good relationship with your nanny is also important. Set time aside, particularly in the first week, to give a thorough induction.

Check out what’s on the Useful Stuff page to help you build the best Nanny/Family relationship.

Are all KiwiOz nannies Ofsted registered?

As they are often new to the UK, many of our nannies are not yet registered with Ofsted.

If you require your nanny to register with Ofsted, we recommend you cover the registration costs. Contact Ofsted for more information.