How long does it take to find a role in London?

Some nannies are placed within 1-2 weeks. We usually place nannies moving to the UK from abroad within 4-8 weeks.

Should I register with you even if I am not looking for a role right now?

Yes. It’s good to be registered with us. Just contact us as soon as you’re ready for a new role. If you’re coming from abroad, you should apply once your visa application is in process.

What kind of visa do I need to work in the UK?

If you don't already have a UK visa, you will need to apply for either a tier 5 youth mobility or an ancestry visa. For all types of visa's visit the Gov.UK website here.

Do I need to be able to drive to find work in the UK?

Not all families need a nanny who can drive. If you don’t, no problem. We can still find you a great position.

I don't know anyone in London, will I be lonely?

It’s so important that you feel like you belong. It’s another reason why we run our Nanny Workshop. You’ll meet other new nannies just starting out on their KiwiOz journey. You will also be added to our closed Facebook Group just for Nannies registered and placed with KiwiOz, so an instant group of likeminded friends to help you settle in in London.

We organise monthly social events, playdates, and lots of seasonal events so you’ll make new friends quickly through the wider KiwiOz family, and locally through your local KiwiOz ambassador. Find out more about our events here.

What happens if things aren’t working?

The first thing to do is call us if you have any questions. As former nannies, our team has lots of experience on how to resolve any issues.

We do everything we can to match you with the right family. If there is a problem, your Placement Consultant will work with you to reach a resolution.

We will always be there to listen, guide and advise in any way we can. With KiwiOz, you will never be on your own.

I'd prefer a live out position. Is that possible with KiwiOz?

Absolutely. Our daily roles are available to everyone whether you are already in London or coming from abroad. Our Placement Consultants can help you find a role suitable for your experience level and negotiate a fair contract on your behalf.

Visit the Types of Nannies for more details.

Will KiwiOz help me negotiate the terms of my contract?

When it comes to discussing hours, salary, overtime rates and holidays, we’ll advise you and the family on key terms and benchmark industry standards.

Have a look at a Sample Contract from our Payroll Partner.

Is it possible to get a part-time role in London?

Yes. We have all types of roles – from 1 day per week through to 5, or before and after school. Visit Types of Nannies for more details.

Do you work with families with children of all ages?

Yes, we do – from newborn to school aged, and all ages in between.

Do I need any particular qualifications to work in the UK?

No. Specific qualifications are not required but some families may request a nanny who is registered with OFSTED.

You can find out more here.

Can I start looking for a role if I am not in the UK yet?

Yes. We work with lots of nannies looking for roles even before they’ve booked their flights. We recommend a video meeting so that you can share as much as possible about you and your experience. That way we can make your profile feel as personal as possible. In fact, we can often complete the whole process remotely as many of our Live In families will appoint a candidate without meeting them in person.

With KiwiOz, do I need formal experience to nanny in London?

Not necessarily. We welcome teachers, nurses, playschool carers, long term babysitters – anyone who has experience in caring for children.

Check out Types of Nannies and what our KiwiOz nannies have in common.