the family you choose



Are you ready to shape the lives and attitudes of the next generation?

All KiwiOz nannies are passionate about encouraging children to become confident, resilient and expressive little humans.

Joining the KiwiOz community means you’ll have access to support and guidance on every aspect of the job. Everything from preparing for interviews, getting your Police Check or First Aid Certificate to finding a role and family where you’ll feel happy and appreciated. And, if you’re moving to the UK, we can help with that too.

Being part of the KiwiOz family means you’re part of something bigger – a family of nannies who share similar values, a love of socialising and an energy for life.

We provide lots of opportunities for personal growth and development. We arrange monthly nanny social events, kids’ events and a weekly playgroup, along with a host of partnerships that help you make the most of your time in London. We invest in you, so you can invest in your KiwiOz family.