Everything Banana Bread

We all know that banana bread isn’t really bread, right? It just sounds healthier than banana cake, but cake (in moderation) still provides valuable energy to kids who are always on the move! In Hannah’s coffee house they serve it grilled for breakfast with honey walnut cream cheese (an idea she got from visiting Christchurch) and they sell the most to their Antipodean customers – they love it and now Hannah does too!

Makes a family sized loaf

Suitable to cook with ages 2 +


-      75g butter

-      3 ripe bananas (4 if they are small)

-      1 egg

-      ½ tsp Salt

-      1 tsp vanilla essence (or extract)

-      200g light brown soft sugar (sometimes known as light muscovado)

-      200g self-raising flour

-      Small beaker filled with ‘everything’ (I’ll explain more in step 5!)

Equipment needed:

-      Scales

-      Loaf tin (roughly 21cm x 11cm)

-      Greaseproof paper or baking parchment (if not using a silicone tin)

-      Pencil & scissors

-      Microwavable mixing bowl

-      Fork

-      Rubber spatula or wooden spoon

-      Teaspoon measurement


Cooking with children – Learning new skills

A child can draw around the base of the loaf tin onto greaseproof paper, once a rough rectangle is drawn, they should then draw a larger rectangle around the first one (about ten centimetres wider) and then cut around the outside of this line.

Help the child to make diagonal cuts from the corners of the outer rectangle to the corners of the inner rectangle, this will then fit snuggly into a greased tin, with the cut corners overlapping.


Baking instructions:

1.     Preheat the oven to 180 degrees centigrade.

2.     Melt the butter in the microwave and then mash the bananas into it with a fork.

3.     Once the bananas are mashed, stir in the egg, add the vanilla extract, salt, sugar and mix.

4.     Lay out a selection of things such as dried fruit (apricots, cranberries, sultanas, dried banana chips, dried apple, mango etc), chocolate chips, coconut chips, chopped nuts, peanut butter chips and anything else that may go well in the cake. Let the child fill up the beaker with whatever they want. It’s best if the nuts and larger dried fruits are chopped into small pieces, it makes the cake easier to slice.

5.     Pour the contents of the beaker into the weighed flour and toss them around, then tip this into the banana batter – coating the solids in flour will help to suspend them in the cake as it bakes and stops them falling to the bottom.

6.     Fold gently until the flour has disappeared and tip into the loaf tin, level out the surface making a slight dip in the centre.

7.     Bake in the centre of the oven for 50-60 minutes until a skewer comes out clean.

8.     Allow to cool in the tin before slicing.

Make sure you take a picture of your creation, and the kids enjoying it, and post on Instagram, tagging @kiwioznannies and @confidentkitchen with hashtag #kiwioz


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