Letter & Number Puzzle

Hey Everyone! I’m excited to kick off this fortnightly play blog with an easy to set up letter or number activity.

What you need

  • Paper or Card

  • Foam or magnetic letters and numbers

  • Pens


Start off by putting all the numbers on the paper making sure you have plenty of space to draw around them. Then trace around them using some coloured felt tip pens, I like to make the lines quite thick. Voila! That’s basically all you need to do to set this up. I put out some pens and stickers to go along with it too to encourage some extra mark making and counting as well (Putting the amount of stickers inside the numbers).


For the letter set up I did the same thing but I only used the letters that are currently being done at school and encouraged making the sounds as the pieces were put in the puzzle. Another alternative set up for this activity would be to use shapes or blocks!

Learning Objectives

Key developmental skills that are being supported in this activity include hand eye coordination, number and letter recognition, as well as the letter sound recognition (great for kids who have just started school and have been getting homework) We did this activity with a friend as well so it also encouraged sharing and turn taking.

If you give it a go make sure you take a picture of your creations, and the kids enjoying it, and post on Instagram, tagging @kiwioznannies with hashtag #kiwioz


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