Teddy Pancakes

A fun little recipe, ideal to engage the little ones with cooking, and eating breakfast.

Suitable to cook with ages 2 +

Ingredients: Makes 4-6 pancakes

-      120g self-raising flour

-      Pinch salt

-      2 tbsp caster sugar

-      1 egg

-      1 tsp vanilla essence (or extract)

-      50g butter, melted

-      200ml milk

-      Vegetable/sunflower oil for frying

 Cooking Instructions

1.     Melt the butter in a bowl and set aside

2.     Sift the flour into a larger bowl, add the salt and sugar and stir together, making a well in the centre

3.     Add the milk to the melted butter, along with the vanilla extract and the egg, whisk together until combined

4.     Pour the milk mixture into the well and gently stir with a spatula or metal spoon (this keeps the pancakes fluffy) until you can’t see any streaks of flour – DON’T OVER MIX!

5.     Pour a little oil into a frying pan and heat, then swirl the oil round the pan – you may want to blot out any excess with kitchen roll

6.     Use two small ladles to spoon out round circles for ears then immediately a larger ladle for the head, making sure the batter overlaps the ears by half

7.     Cook on a medium heat until bubbles start to appear on the surface of the pancake, then flip it over and cook for a further minute.

8.     I dusted my pancake with a mix of ½ cinnamon and ½ golden caster sugar, I used chocolate chips for facial features and gave my teddy a sliced banana collar!


Make sure you take a picture of your creation, and the kids enjoying it, and post on Instagram, tagging @kiwioznannies and @confidentkitchen with hashtag #kiwioz

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