Michaela Wilkinson

Michaela Wilkinson - Consultant

Michaela brings to KiwiOz a wealth of childcare knowledge and experience, a qualified teacher and gymnastics coach for going on 6 years. So it’s no surprise that you can often find her hanging out with the babies at our Mums and Bubs gym playgroup!

In Michaela’s classroom she wasn’t only passing on knowledge to her students, she also had a strong focus on building relationships with her students - a skill she now uses when speaking to her clients.

#funfact - Michaela does a handstand in every country she visits!

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Claudia Todd

Claudia Todd - Consultant

Prior to moving to London in 2012, Claudia worked in an Early Childhood centre in New Zealand and was also an au pair in the Channel Islands. Claudia’s passion for childcare made her a perfect fit when she joined the KiwiOz team in 2013 as a consultant.

Claudia loves placing candidates who are genuinely excited about being in London and becoming a nanny. KiwiOz candidates always bring something really special to the role and Claudia finds the feedback from the families the most rewarding part about being a consultant for KiwiOz.

#funfact - Claudia took a year off from working at KiwiOz to travel around Mexico! 


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Kate Gould

Kate Gould - Consultant

Born and bred in the Hutt Valley, New Zealand, Kate has been a Londoner for almost 2 years. Hardworking and compassionate, Kate enjoys talking to Nanny’s and learning about their desire to look after children. She loves to travel and is super motivated and organised.

Kate’s willingness to help others gives her the skill of being a brilliant candidate consultant and wants her candidate to find the perfect tole and love their life in London as much as she does – she’s always making sure to communicate that with the placement consultants.

#funfact - Kate can do a one armed push up!

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Hannah Orr

Hampton - West London

Hannah trained and worked as a childcare educator in Brisbane before moving to London in 2016. She’s currently working for a family in Hampton on the outskirts of west London, but spends her weekends in East London, so getting the best of both worlds.

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Sasha Miller

Stockwell - South London

Also from New Zealand, Sasha worked as an Office Manager before deciding to live overseas. She worked in America and Italy as an Au Pair before progressing in her career to be a full-time nanny in London. She found her dream job as a live-in nanny with 4-month-old twins and a single dad in Stockwell. Now with them for almost 3 years, she’s still loving every minute. Sasha is an active member of our KiwiOz community and won our nanny of the year in 2017.

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Nicole Sutherland

Hampstead - North London

Nicole grew up on a dairy farm in New Zealand. Having three younger siblings, she excelled at the role of caregiver and found being a career nanny a natural progression. She has a degree in Psychology and Anthropology and previously worked in mental health before making the move to London.

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Hayley Steel

Golders Green - North London

Originally from Tauranga in New Zealand, Hayley has a degree in Psychology and Human Development. Naturally outgoing with love of adventure, she always knew she’d have a career in working with children. Hayley currently looks after a 14 month old girl, a four year old boy and a six year old boy in Golders Green.

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Brittany Petley

Brittany Petley - Consultant

Brittany trained as a teacher and a nanny in Wellington, New Zealand. These days she calls London her home and absolutely loves the life here. When she moved to the UK, she became a KiwiOz nanny and worked for five wonderful families and looked after a total of 9 children in the past 10 years! So if anyone should know what qualities make an amazing nanny, it has to be our Brittany. She’s also a human encyclopaedia when it comes to fun kids activities, so if you’re stuck for ideas you know who to ask.

#funfact - Brittany travelled to 18 countries in her first year of living in the UK.

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Rachel Beattie

Rachel Beattie - Consultant

The most recent member of the KiwiOz team is Rachel. Originally, from New Zealand she’s has been living in the UK for 6 years and comes to the recruitment team with a brilliant pedigree in customer service. Bringing lots of enthusiasm for building new relationships with families and nannies, Rachel is a real people person and is absolutely committed to creating happy and successful placements.

#funfact - Rachel loves to travel as much as she can off the beaten path, her last trip was to Ukraine where she visited Chernobyl!

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Chrissy Birtwistle

Chrissy Birtwistle - Brand & Marketing Director

A natural dynamo, Chrissy joined the KiwiOz management team in January 2019.  On board to manage the KiwiOz rebrand, develop talent and oversee recruitment, she is also a master of marketing and event management. A brand maestro at heart, she brings energy, experience and vision from her days working in global agencies to help Karen take KiwiOz to the next level. With a tireless passion for doing every task well, she has an extraordinary ability to motivate, lead and inspire.

#funfact - Chrissy loves coffee and Crossfit. So when she isn’t in the office, you’ll find her exploring new places, usually accessorised with a bulletproof coffee or black americano.

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Karen Lynch

Karen Lynch - Managing Director

Karen first joined KiwiOz in 2006 and worked as a Live in Nanny for a wonderful London family before becoming a Consultant here in 2010. After a successful spell as Manager, Karen became a Partner in 2013. Her passion for providing the best service possible has been pivotal to KiwiOz’s steady growth, both in capability and reputation. Now a mum to the gorgeous Ashton, Karen has experience of every aspect of the Nanny/Employer journey. Always keen to improve and grow, it’s hard to imagine anyone more dedicated to the KiwiOz cause of creating as many happy families as possible.

#funfact - Karen was a World Champion Thaiboxer. Yep, you did read that right!

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Jordan Downey

As well as being a much loved afterschool nanny, Jordan is our resident social media and events genius. Outgoing, bubbly and always fun to be around, she makes our monthly social events a blast for both nannies and children. As well as being an experienced nanny, Jordan also has a Law degree. But if we want to know what's hot in London, then there’s no one more in tune than our own social butterfly, Jordan.

 #funfact - Jordan has set herself a very cool goal of reading 60 books per year.

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Teagan Adams

Teagan Adams - Senior Consultant

Teagan has a super important role here at KiwiOz. She works with all the new nanny candidates and, because of her strong eye for detail, diligence and emotional intelligence, performs wonderful matchmaking searches on behalf of our clients. Her former experience as a Live In Nanny, means she knows first hand what makes a successful placement and what it’s like to join a family in London. Always managing to exceed expectations, Teagan’s speciality is making happy and successful KiwiOz matches.

#funfact - Teagan was a competitive rower for 9 years in NZ and won 2 Bronze Medals at a national level.

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Jana Maguire

Jana Maguire - Consultant

Originally a primary school teacher from New Zealand, Jana has a thorough and proactive approach to finding wonderful candidates for live in and daily roles. Combine that with Jana’s previous nanny experience and you can see how her deep understanding of child development and role definition attracts only the very best candidates. Jana always makes time to stay in touch with her placed nannies and their families, providing a sympathetic ear and ongoing support to ensure everyone is happy.

#funfact - Jana is currently training for a marathon which makes sense as she always has a spring in her step.

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Miriam Schumacher

Miriam Schumacher - Team Leader & Senior Consultant

Our natural nanny matchmaker, Miriam is one of our longest standing team members. She works so hard for her clients and it shows. Her speciality is creating matches that result in long lasting friendships. Her passion for the role means she is always sought after by returning clients. Previously a Youth Advisor, Teacher and Youth Mentor, Miriam brings vast knowledge and experience of childcare and child development. She’s never happier than when she’s creating fantastic family / nanny relationships. Always calm, cool and collected, working with Miriam is an absolute joy.

#funfact – Miriam has lived in New Zealand, South Korea and Taiwan but has just bought her first home here in London which is great news for us, and our families, as it means she’s here to stay.

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