Hayley Steel


Originally from Tauranga in New Zealand, Hayley has a degree in Psychology and Human Development. Naturally outgoing with love of adventure, she always knew she’d have a career in working with children. Hayley currently looks after a 14 month old girl, a four year old boy and a six year old boy in Golders Green where she’s found some fantastic playgroups and loves taking the kids to Kentish Town City Farm. She’s also a big fan of the monthly KiwiOz nanny meet up brunches.

 She says, “KiwiOz were amazing at helping me find a role that suited my personality. I’ve found them to be a great at connecting me with nannies who are caring for children of a similar age. It’s so important to have a circle of nanny friends.”

KiwiOz Nanny & Ambassador
Golders Green - North London