Sasha Miller


Also from New Zealand, Sasha worked as an Office Manager before deciding to live overseas. She worked in America and Italy as an Au Pair before progressing in her career to be a full-time nanny in London. She found her dream job as a live-in nanny with 4-month-old twins and a single dad in Stockwell. Now with them for almost 3 years, she’s still loving every minute. Sasha is an active member of our KiwiOz community and won our nanny of the year in 2017.

She says, “I love being part of the KiwiOz network. A lot of my close friends in London were made through KiwiOz meet ups. London is such an amazing place to live – so many opportunities to travel, people to meet and the endless things to do!”

KiwiOz Nanny & Ambassador
Stockwell - South London