Life's Little Bugs

We are delighted to be partnering with Tina Stubbs, author & illustrator of 'Life's Little Bugs', a beautiful collection of stories and characters designed to help children develop those all-important everyday habits, in a fun and engaging way. At KiwiOz we love what Tina is doing because she is teaching children important life skills through play, and in a really progressive way. Something we really believe in. As a mum herself, she wanted to find a way to help children learn, without nagging, and to give other parents the tools to do it too, and so, Life Little Bug's was born. For two consecutive years, the Life's Little Bugs books have won Silver & Gold awards from the popular parenting site Bizziebaby UK Reviewers Choice, before going on to win the prestigious 'Sylvia Anderson children's author' award in 2017.

Life's Little Bugs are distinctive characters, designed to be used as effective, visual triggers to remind children to practice each habit the characters represent. Children learn about growth mindset through Hum Bug, who encourages positive thinking with his "can do" attitude, Fitness Bug helps children get active and choose healthy food over junk food, they learn how to stay healthy by keeping Tummy Bug and Flu Bug at bay, and how to not forget about good oral care with Gum Bug.Tina has also created Doodle Bug who teaches children to respect others and their surroundings, and Litter Bug to show them how to care for the environment.

Partner Benefits

To buy the series, visit and apply discount code KiwiOz2708 to receive 10% off.

In addition, Tina hosts Good Habits Start Young workshops, suitable for 5-8yrs & SEN, focused around each Little Bug Character to teach the cause, effect and action of each subject matter. They include learning methods to suit all abilities and include an animated read through of the story, with puppets and props, Q & A, fun facts, experiments, group work, role play stories and much more to inspire them to be more proactive in using the habit being encouraged

  • Doodle Bug - 'The importance of respect'

  • Fitness Bug - 'How we can keep healthy'

  • Hum Bug - 'Growth Mindset' learning about the benefits of positive thinking

  • Litter Bug - 'How we can look after our environment'

  • Gum Bug- 'How to take care of our teeth & gums'

  • Tummy & Flu Bug - 'How to keep those germs away!'

As part of the partnership, we are planning to host the Workshop Series at KiwiOz HQ, so follow us on Instagram and Facebook for details, and make sure you are subscribed to our Newsletter, so you don't miss out. Dates coming soon!

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