KiwiOz has been with me every step of the way

“After finishing school, I decided to come to the UK on my GAP year, so with lots of babysitting experience, I decided nannying would be the perfect job for me. I just wasn’t sure how to get a job! But once I found KiwiOz, I knew I was with the right people and have felt that way ever since. I have been with my family for over a month now and yet KiwiOz has been with me every step of the way. My consultant Teagan has been in contact with me regularly. It’s so reassuring knowing she’s there to help me or provide support whenever I need. Since starting my job I’ve had lots of fun and plenty of new experiences. I’m rather tired by the end of the week but I have gotten to know my family so well and love spending time with them. I have built a great connection already, and although there are always ups and downs, I really love my job!”

– Happy Nanny - Georgie Sutton