The best part about working with KiwiOz is the little community

“I had signed up to some agencies before KiwiOz, however I felt the difference between all of these agencies and what made KiwiOz stand from all of them was actually listening to me! Listening to what I was looking for in a role / family. I had been sent to so many interviews before KiwiOz and I was like a deer in the headlights as what I had been told about roles compared to what the family actually needed was totally different. KiwiOz got it spot on. The best part about working with KiwiOz is the little community they have created. Moving over from Ireland was scary when I didn't really know anyone! However, KiwiOz have been very helpful with social media and arranging social gatherings so you can get to know other nannies in your area and make friends! They have the right level of friendliness and professionalism. The help they give you and every bit of information they send is really helpful! I don't think there is anything else to do better! My new family are amazing! I have definitely found my fit with this family. I have been welcomed with open arms and I couldn't ask for anymore! The area has so much to do for little ones and is really great. The family couldn't have helped me settle anymore I am very lucky!”

– Happy Nanny - Gemma Hayde